Why Am I Not Getting Stronger?

Ever wondered why your strength levels struggle to go up? Feeling frustrated that you’ve been training hard but still see little progress? Increasing strength or seeing ‘Gains’ has always been a popular goal with both my clients and gym goers. Increasing your strength can range from: Improving leg muscular endurance for marathon running Lifting heavier weights for body building or Achieving 1 rep max personal bests for power lifting Whether your goal be fat loss, sporting performance or muscle…

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Quick Fire Health & Fitness Facts

How many out of the following did you know? This week’s brief blog is a list of 10 facts from the health and fitness industry . Feel free to comment with any other interesting facts out there! 1) Whey protein is primarily formed from milk 2) Eating at night does NOT make you fat. Consistent over consumption of daily calories does 3) The abbreviation D.O.M.S stands for Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness 4) The greater muscle mass you have…

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Emotional Pressures Of Exercise

Today I want to discuss what I feel are the growing pressures of modern day exercise goals. Regular exercise brings huge benefits both physically and emotionally. Exercise has been shown to assist in stimulation of various feel good feeling chemicals in our brain, in addition to helping with conditions such as anxiety and depression. On the flip side we can be guilty of putting pressure on ourselves to achieve what we see on social media or TV adverts. I’m…

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I’ve achieved my goal.. What do I do now!?

The process of planning, starting, progressing and achieving a goal is physically and emotionally exhausting! No matter what your goal is, whether it be a fat loss or performance based the sense of achievement is incredible however it can leave us feeling a little flat afterwards. I have experienced this scenario many times in particular: – Training for a CrossFit Competition involved completing a set of qualifying workouts 3 months prior to the finals. If I then qualified for…

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Feeling The Love?

Today’s short blog is a Valentine’s themed topic and covers a wide range of heart related fitness information with some serious and not too serious bits. So where do I start? Well as Valentine’s Day is generally associated with the celebration of romance here’s a quick 5 minute workout that will certainly get your heart racing. I often use this as a warm up for my own personal workout sessions. This can be performed on the rower, cross trainer,…

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The Best Fitness Advice That I Have Ever Had

Today’s blog will focus on 2 simple pieces of advice that completely transformed my health and fitness goals for the better. The first bit of advice I received was before I became a Personal Trainer. Back in 2006 I was attempting to combine a physical labour based summer job with playing rugby and weight training. My goal at that time was to increase my muscle mass however I was struggling to see physical results. The only positive changes I…

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Common Fat Loss Mistakes

1) Avoiding Carbs Every time I hear someone say carbs are bad for you or avoid carbs if you want to lose weight I feel my blood pressure increase! In a nutshell, carbohydrates (Carbs) are one of the main food nutrients and is an important source of daily energy for us in addition to dietary fibre. Carbohydrates are predominantly found in foods such as rice, pasta, bread fruit and sugar. Carbs are often associated with weight gain, which is…

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Personal Trainer Facts

Fancy a challenge?? Check out the following 9 questions about me and see if you can get the right answers. There are some clues and answers on my website to help you out. Test yourself against family and friends and feel free to share your results via the social media links or in the comments below. CLICK on the following link to give it a go!Good luck! CLICK HERE TO START QUIZ

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Building Stronger Legs 

Today’s blog focuses on 2 exercises which are great for developing your leg strength and power.  – Roman Chair Hip Hinge – Explosive Box Jumps  These exercises also assist in lower and upper back strength in addition to stability. You can do these exercises separately in straight set format ( for example 3 sets of 12 repititions with an appropriae rest period in between sets). Alternatively if you’re looking to increase the intensity you can perform these in superset…

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​How Fit Are you??

In the fitness industry there are so many descriptions of the term Fitness. Below are example situations of when I’ve heard it being used. – Wow that guy on the Bike is pedalling  really fast, he’s super fit! – Look at that lady doing burpees so easily, she’s mega fit! – Mo Farah is one of the fittest people on earth! Likewise when I meet with new clients to discuss their goals they will often say that they would…

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