England World Cup Quiz

Question #1: When was the last time England won the world cup?

Question #2: England Goalkeeper Gordon Banks made arguable the save of the century against the Brazilian Pele in the 1970 World Cup but what was the final score that game?

Question #3: Who is England’s all time top goal scorer in World Cup History?

Question #4: Which of the following is the famous quote said by the commentator just before England scored to seal the World Cup

Question #5: The England World Cup Song ‘Vindaloo’ by ‘Fat Les’ was released for which world cup?

Question #6: How many players are there in this year’s world cup squad?

Question #7: What is the national symbol for the England football team that is worn on the front of the playing shirt?

Question #8: Who is England’s oldest ever captain at a World Cup?

Question #9: The ‘hand of God incident’ that occurred at the 1986 World Cup involved Diego Maradona using his hand to score a goal against England. Which country did Maradona play for?

Question #10: Who scored the winning penalty for England vs Columbia in this year’s World Cup 2nd Round?

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