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My training approach is professional yet friendly and my style is always adapting to create a dynamic training relationship. Throughout our sessions you will be introduced you to new and innovative ways to exercise, which will help motivate you to stay focused on your goal(s). Where am I based? I am based in Medway, North Kent and do both home visits and gym based training. The gym where I do my training is The Park Club Chatham . There is also a good selection of recreational fields within the Medway area that I use for outdoor based sessions
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
Fat Loss..Overcome Your Environment..
👉🏽Competing in front of large crowds of spectators used to create nerves and anxiety, affecting my performance
👉🏽However as I gained more experience & learned new techniques to overcome fears I performed better and actually preferred competing in front of larger crowds of people
➡️Environments can bring out the best and worst habits we have, especially when our goal is Fat Loss based!
➡️Let's take eating out for example
👉🏽One habit I often hear is that individuals feel that they have to eat everything that is served on their plate even when they are satisfied/full
🤷🏽‍♂️I can relate, as I used to feel a certain entitlement that because I was in this restaurant environment then I had free reign to do whatever I wanted
👉🏽Research on meals from 27 UK Restaurant chains showed that the mean average calorie content of all of the restaurant meals was a whopping 977 calories!
🤷🏽‍♂️If you wouldn't normally eat that amount at home then why do you suddenly need to go overboard at a restaurant?
➡️"Well if so and so is doing it then why can't I do it?" Is what I normally hear as a response
➡️I'm a big believer that our eating habits are influenced by social norms and the pressure to adapt/conform what other people are doing or what our environment dictates
👉🏽Again i can refer this back to my past self when I felt the peer pressure to binge drink with team mates after a game of rugby or regular trips at Uni to all you can eat restaurants as this was deemed to be "social"
➡️Ever considered planning ahead giving yourself options??
➡️What if "X" happens or what do I do if I find myself in a tricky situation unexpectedly that requires a quick decision?
👉🏽If you know a certain environment makes it harder to stick to a fat loss goal why not have a mental plan of how to deal with it?
➡️If you're struggling with your fat loss goals always take a step back and consider the environments you struggle with the most and consider some behavioural changes
🤷🏽‍♂️Otherwise you risk going round and round in circles wondering why nothing is changing
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
“Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance you must keep moving” – Albert Einstein...
No matter what your goal is take it one day at a time. Try not get caught up with too much as we don't know what life will throw at us each day..
👉🏽Alongside my monthly targets i often set weekly/daily targets to help me stay focused towards to my long term goals
👉🏽No matter how small your steps are always aim to keep moving forward!
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
Strength Training..⬇️
What types are there?
➡️There are a variety of options available to achieve a strength training goal and its essential that the right type of strength training is chosen depending on the specific goal
Here's a run down of a few different types I use with my clients however there are more to go through in future posts. Credit to acefitness.org for definitions
✅FYI 1RM= Maximum weight lifted for one rep
➡️Video 1 - Relative Strength with @katejane97
👉🏽Amount of force generated per unit of bodyweight
👉🏽Can be tested on both bodyweight & weighted exercises
➡️Video 2 - Strength endurance with @tracycrittenden
👉🏽The ability to maintain a consistent level of muscle force for extended periods of time
👉🏽Intensity: Low-to-moderate, approximately 40-80% of 1RM
Reps: 10+ tempo slow to moderate Sets: 2-5+
➡️Video 3 - Sub Maximal strength with @ianmylerfalla
👉🏽Working with heavy weights that don't require maximum effort
👉🏽Roughly 75%-90% of 1 rep max intensity between 1-5 reps
➡️Video 4 - Maximal effort Strength with @nobby36
👉🏽The highest level of muscle force that can be produced
👉🏽1 Repetition Max testing
➡️Video 5 - Speed Strength with Nat
👉🏽The maximal force capable of being produced during a high-speed movement; trained with either bodyweight or a minimal amount of resistance, allowing the movement to be executed as fast as possible
👉🏽Intensity: 30-50% 1RM
Reps: 1-6
Tempo: explosive
Sets: 2-6+
➡️Video 6 - Explosive Strength with @omarinnit
👉🏽Produce a maximal amount of force in a minimal amount of time; muscle lengthening followed by rapid acceleration through the shortening phase. Focus is on the speed of movement through a range of motion (ROM).
👉🏽Similar to Speed Strength (video 5)
👉🏽Intensity: 40-75% 1RM
Reps: 1-6
Tempo: Fast as possible
Sets: 2-5+
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
Weight Loss/Daily Calorie Counting...How much should my calorie deficit be???...
Before summarising the above it is important to understand that attempting to lose weight is not a simple task 😡
🤦🏽‍♂️I hear and see so many fitness and health professionals constantly go on about how easy and simple it is!..
It's NOT!
➡️Let's be honest if it was that easy then I would be out of a job and the world's obesity levels wouldn't be on the rise each year!
➡️In fact according to Datamonitor 34 million Britons attempted dieting last year but 99% put the weight back on that they had lost!😱
➡️Losing weight is not as simple as reducing calories there are so many social, physical and psychological aspects to take into account...however this topic is for another day 😁
Im relation to daily calorie deficit choices there are pros and cons for
👉🏽Large (typically 25%+ below maintenance)
👉🏽Medium (typically 20-25% below maintenance)
👉🏽Small deficits (typically 10-15%below maintenance)

For example an individual who requires 2000 calories a day to maintain weight would potentially have a choice of the below
👉🏽large deficit 1500 calories a day
👉🏽Medium deficit 1600 calories a day
👉🏽Small deficit 1800 calories a day

Things to consider
➡️Small deficit
👉🏽Small changes required to achieve target
👉🏽Results likely to be slower
👉🏽Potential for less chance of failure with less restrictions
👉🏽Less chance of decreased training performance
👉🏽Requires increased exercise to achieve faster results
➡️Medium deficit
👉🏽Faster results than a small deficit when dieting alone and no exercise
👉🏽Can be combined well with appropriate exercise for increased results
👉🏽More restriction than a small deficit
👉🏽Increased hunger (hormones)
➡️large deficit
👉🏽Fast rate of weight loss
👉🏽Makes exercise difficult (and potentially unsafe) due to low calorie intake
👉🏽limited food variety
👉🏽Lower energy levels and greater chances of increased hunger and effect on hormones

Those considering any of the above approaches should discuss the best option with a fitness or health professional
The above is only a short summary and there is a lot more to consider before making a decision
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
Back exercises..what's your favourite?...
2 of my favourite movements for building a bigger back are
➡️Wide Grip Pullups &
➡️Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
👉🏽Pullups/Assisted pullups
- I'm a massive believer in including bodyweight exercises into your gym routine. Improving relative strength builds muscular and joint strength in addition to benefiting functional activity
- Pullups also benefit grip strength as well core stability and balance
- Once you've nailed bodyweight pullups this movement can also be convenient to do as you don't require specialised equipment to do the exercise
👉🏽Lat Pulldown
- Fantastic way to isolate and build your lats
- You're not limited to bodyweight when you're looking to increase weight lifted on this exercise.
- If you can't do pullups or have no access to an assisted pullup machine then it will not affect your ability to do pulldowns effectively
I use both of the movements in my weekly training regime

✅If you're looking to build muscle and want to get a strong looking back like Jill (pictured) then I would recommend you including these two!💪🏽
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
Super Strong Sal...
This lady deserves some serious credit!

👉🏽@sally_c77 has demonstrated consistent progress over the past few weeks with her Olympic lifting and it's great when she makes a PB look like a warm up lift!

💪🏽Final lift on video 60kg Push Jerk

Do you even lift?😁😁
Mike Melford Personal Training
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