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My training approach is professional yet friendly and my style is always adapting to create a dynamic training relationship. Throughout our sessions you will be introduced you to new and innovative ways to exercise, which will help motivate you to stay focused on your goal(s). Where am I based? I am based in Medway, North Kent and do both home visits and gym based training. The gym where I do my training is The Park Club Chatham . There is also a good selection of recreational fields within the Medway area that I use for outdoor based sessions
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
10 Year Challenge..Not much has changed 😉...
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
Dad Bod?..Is this actually a thing?...
👉🏽Come on dads let not use this term as an excuse to get lazy and pile on the pounds!

➡️However on a serious note becoming a parent is hard and does bring a full host of different challenges and sacrifices do have to be made

👉🏽I can relate
👉🏽 Back in 2014 I become a dad and without a doubt it's the best feeling ever
🤦🏽‍♂️Admittedly I did fall foul to lazy eating habits, significantly reducing my exercise regime, spent next to no time socialising and didn't prioritise any down time
🤦🏽‍♂️Next thing I then gained a few unwanted pounds, felt lethargic and stress levels increased
👉🏽Fortunately I had a supportive wife who literally forced me to rethink my life, work balance helped me make appropriate changes

✅Step forward my client pictured!
👉🏽After the birth of his 2nd his eating habits changed for the worse and the lbs piled on
👉🏽He decided last year to start up a regular exercise regime alongside some sustainable lifestyle changes and you can see his awesome progress(40lbs loss)

➡️Dad's it's not easy so don't feel bad! Here's a few tips to help you avoid falling into that "Dad Bod" trap

1️⃣Remain social- A study in 2019 found that 25% of new dads felt isolated socially with 20% of these saying they lost friends after having kids
2️⃣Downtime - Whether it be getting to the gym, going for a walk, reading a book, ensure you and your partner have some time to clear your mind
3️⃣Stay organised - It's very easy to rely on fast food or junk for convenience but ensuring you get a nutrient rich daily intake will not only make you feel better but minimise any unwanted weight gain risk
4️⃣Talk to other dads who can relate. The one thing I didn't do when and i wished i had. Trying to solve all the new fatherhood challenges in my head as an ego trip was never going to last. As soon as I spoke to other new dads it was surprising how many great tips I picked up!
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
Do You Have a Positive or Negative Relationship With Exercise?❤💔
👉🏽Nowadays I see a lot of emphasis made on our relationships with food
👉🏽However why not place the same importance with exercise relationships?
👉🏽This time of year getting getting fitter is constantly rammed down our throats via every possible media outlet!
👉🏽It's no wonder we see gyms packed out to the rafters during January and February, but then tail off for the rest of the year
👉🏽A study last year showed 23% of us are gym members however only 12% use the facilities regularly
🔟This is my 10th Year in the PT game and a common theme I see is an individual's poor relationship with exercise
➡️Examples of poor exercise relationships that I feel include:
❌Choosing a form of exercise you do not enjoy but feel you have to do
❌Burning as many calories as you possibly can to so you can justify your poor food choices
❌Over commiting your exercise regime for the first month then chucking it all after it gets too hard to maintain
❌Blaming lack of exercise for weight gain
😥At age 14 I battled through 12 months of playing football hating every session!
😃Once I finally had the courage to give it up the weight off my shoulders was tremendous
👉🏽From experience constantly doing something we don't enjoy will only last for so long & inevitably will cease to continue
✴With regards to Fat Loss
👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️Try using exercise as a tool for improved mental and physical health rather than a necessity to lose weight
✅Increased fat loss can be a great by product of regular exercise rather than the only way to achieve such a goal
👉🏽As with long term nutritional success consider the following attributes when looking to start or change your exercise regime
✅Is it easily Sustainable?
✅Will you actually enjoy performing the activity(s)?
✅Will it provides multiple health benefits?
✅Can it can be progressive?
👂I would be interested to hear your take on this subject so feel free to comment below 😃
Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
A Massive Thank You to all of my clients for your efforts in 2019👏😃❤...
👉🏽There has been so many huge achievements and life changing goals, to name a few would not do justice to you all as a whole...
👉🏽I am extremely lucky to have a great bunch of clients to train each week who really do put in a cracking effort and make my job a real pleasure!
👉🏽You guys have contributed to helping me not to give up at the first setback when faced with my own challenges this year, which I thank you for!
👉🏽I truly wish all my clients and followers a fantastic 2020
1️⃣ Thing to take in to the new year..
➡️Whether you set yourself resolutions or intend to continue with a current goal(s), I want to encourage you stay committed to what you have set out to do
➡️Stay realistic & flexible with your approach as we can't predict life & importantly don't give yourself a hard time when mistakes occur. Pick yourself up and go again!

Much Love 🤜🏽

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Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
It's beginning to look a lot like...🎄
🎁Need Christmas Present Ideas?
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Mike Melford Personal Training
Mike Melford Personal Training
Ever tried Boxing?🥊
I have and I'm terrible 🤣😅.. However!...
➡️It's been 2 years since Val started PT and I really admire the physical and mental strength of this lady!
▶️Val does pad work most weeks not only for the strength, balance and proprieoceptive benefits it brings but purely as she loves hitting the pads and tries to "accidentally" hit me🤔
🤜🏽Surely none of my clients would want to do that???
Think you'll agree Val is doing a cracking job👏👏
Mike Melford Personal Training
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