Health & Fitness Quiz November 2017

Question #1: What does your diastolic blood pressure reading represent?

Question #2: Former British track cyclist & Olympic Gold medalist Victoria Pendleton made her competitive debut in which other sport in 2015?

Question #3: How many Olympic Gold medals has Britain’s Mo Farah won?

Question #4: When human skin is exposed to sunlight, which of the following vitamins can it then produce?

Question #5: Which of the following muscles are NOT found in the legs?

Question #6: Which one of the following foods is classified as a saturated fat?

Question #7: What year did Andy Murray win his 1st Wimbledon title?

Question #8: What part of the body are the metacarpal bones located?

Question #9: In the Fitness industry what does the abbreviation H.I.I.T stand for?

Question #10: The slogan “live well for less”is associated with which supermarket?

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