Health & Fitness Quiz October 2017

Question #1: Joe Wicks is also known as ‘The _ _’

Question #2: How many Kilograms is there in 1 stone of weight?

Question #3: How many players in each team make up a Rugby Union starting lineup?

Question #4: How many teeth should a fully grown adult have?

Question #5: Jessica Ennis-Hill is famous for winning gold medals in which Olympic Discipline?

Question #6: Which following food contains the highest protein content?

Question #7: What is the thigh bone also known as?

Question #8: If Karen squats 100 kilograms (kgs) of weight, what is the equivalent to this in pounds (lbs)?

Question #9: With 125 appearances, which footballer has represented England the most times?

Question #10: How many calories would 1 gram of alcohol contain?

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