Quiz September 2017

Question #1: How many kilometres are there in 1 mile?

Question #2: How many pounds are in 1 stone?

Question #3: Paula Radcliffe represented Great British Athletics for which following discipline?

Question #4: A pressup is used to primarily works which part of the body?

Question #5: Which of the following fats would be classified as a saturated fat?

Question #6: What is the exact time of Usain Bolt’s current 100m Sprint World Record?

Question #7: How many calories are in a 1 gram of fat?

Question #8: What weighs more..Muscle or fat?

Question #9: Who did Anthony Joshua fight and beat at Wembley on 29th April to win the IBF, WBA (Super) and IBO Boxing heavyweight titles?

Question #10: The deltoid muscle relates to which particular part of the body?

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