True or False?

Question #1: The Quadriceps group of muscles are located in the upper part of the human back

The Quadriceps or Quads are located in the thigh region

Question #2: 10 grams of carbohydrates contains more calories than 10 grams of protein

They both contain the same amount of calories per gram

Question #3: Harry Kane is the current England Football captain for the World Cup

Question #4: Per 100 grams of weight, brocolli contains more Vitamin C than an orange

Question #5: The full distance of a marathon is 25 miles

The distance is 26.2 Miles

Question #6: The Biceps are a larger muscle group than the Triceps

Question #7: Muscle weighs more than fat

1lb Muscle weighs exactly the same as 1lb of Fat

Question #8: Virginia Wade was the last british woman to win Wimbledon

Question #9: A total of 1.5lbs is equal to 1kg

2.2lbs is equal to 1kg

Question #10: The Tongue is the fastest healing muscle in the body

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