Why am I not seeing results??

Have you ever asked yourself the above question? I was thinking about this on the way to London this morning and have asked the same question to myself, of late.

This short blog will highlight some of the potential reasons why you may also feel this way.  

The 4 M’s!

-Wanting to see results isn’t always enough, you have to get out of our comfort zone and actively do what’s necessary with no excuses

-Ensure your overall goal is achievable within measurable time scales. Set both long and short term goals to keep your overall motivation. Setting the bar too high will almost guarantee failure 


-Exercise is essential for performance based and muscle gaining goals. For fat loss goals you can see results with limited or no exercise however a regular exercise regime does benefit your overall health and can assist in speeding up your results

-Try to keep structure and variety to your exercise regime. It can be be too easy to stick to the same routine each week, which can lead to a plateau in your training results.


-Stress levels play a major part in the success of fitness goals. Stress can come in many forms. Poor sleep patterns will cause stress in the body and increase cortisol levels. Work and personal stress can also lead to the same outcome.

-Happiness! Have a positive and happy daily outlook will can help keep stress levels low and keep you on track to overcome many of challenges we face each day.


-Avoid skipping meals. This can lead to binge/over eating late in the evening as well as causing hormonal responses for your body to hold on to more bodyfat.

-Eating the “correct” food for you isn’t enough. Portion control is essential to balancing our your body’s calorie requirements depending on your goal. Make an effort to know what your portion size should be.

-If you find you’re eating the recommend calories and still not seeing results it’s worth looking at your balance of macronutrients. Your gender, body type and activity level can dictate how best to balance your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake.

-Keep regular hydration to maintain liver health and function, which plays a large part in both physical and performance goals. 

-From personal experience, fad diets/detoxes can work short term HOWEVER will likely lead to long term binges, weight gain and poor relationships with food. Understand what your body needs and don’t feel bad for treating yourself now and again each week.

If you feel this relates to you, I hope this has helped give you a better idea of what may be causing your limited results. For further help, assistance, blog topic requests please contact me on pt@mikemelford.co.uk  

Have a great day! 


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