Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Writing this week’s blog has made me realise I fall short when it comes to ‘walking the walk’ with a couple of the following lifestyle tips. However as with any new day this gives us a chance to start afresh and implement any changes we wish to make to our lives. I think it fair to say, as human beings, we generally are ‘creatures of habit’ ranging from  our morning rituals at home to our pre and post training routines. I’ll keep my blog shorter than normal today listing some positive health and lifestyle habits that both myself and my clients use daily.

– Prepare for today yesterday. Specifically making time to organise your work/daily bag the night before, prepare packed lunches(if applicable), ensuring clothes are ready to wear in the morning. These few jobs will save time the following morning allowing you to allocate time for hydration and breakfast and less rushing about

– If you’re currently active, plan in your weekly exercise schedule. Having your days and times nailed down each week allows to you maintain good commitment and making it easier to plan in other activities

– SLEEP! Establish a regular, adequate sleeping pattern. Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, performance related or health maintenance, sufficient sleep is key to achieving hormonal balance. Lack of sleep can also lead to raised stress levels as well increased appetite 

– Flag up potential days that could affect your routines and plan in advance options to limit or prevent any potential lifestyle slip ups. For example if you’re on a fat loss goal and you have a family meal shortly coming up at a fast food chain. Potentially you may be unsure as to what options you will have to choose from to allow you to stay on track. Most restaurants have a menu posted on their website so prior to the event view the menu and choose an option in advance that fits within your lifestyle goal removing any potential stress on the day

– Don’t be afraid to ask for help and try not to overload your day with too many tasks causing unnecessary stress. I keep a daily checklist of tasks to complete as well prioritising them in order of importance. If you feel you can’t complete all of the tasks, see which tasks you can get help from

– Stay hydrated! Regularly drink water (tea,coffee and fruit squash does not count) to keep your body functioning well. Maintaining your water levels will assist in keeping energy levels up, prevent cramping, aid skin health, and flush out toxins.

– Be accountable to yourself or someone else. If you’re on a  training regime then having a Personal Trainer/Coach is handy in this situation as you will be accountable to them. Training partners are also a great idea for staying consistent and avoiding that “I’ll go tomorrow” scenario. In addition, keeping a daily journal, using online health tools and smart phone apps are handy for keeping yourself accountable by tracking your training or food choices.

Personally I know my sleeping pattern isn’t the greatest with the mixture of late nights and early starts.  I am also guilty of trying to do everything myself and not accepting help when offered. As mentioned earlier every day is a new chance to start afresh and I certainly intend to make changes!

Do feel free to comment with any of your habits below that you find to be helpful with your daily lifestyle. Likewise if you’re struggling to break any unhealthy habits please feel free to contact me to discuss further.


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