Excuses excuses….Let’s overcome these barriers

This week’s blog may touch a few nerves or hit home hard but lets be honest we’re all guilty of having excuses lined up for missing that training session or not making the right lifestyle choice, myself included. Don’t get me wrong there are genuine times when you’re unwell or have to prioritise an emergency situation, these scenarios cannot be planned for.

Let’s looks some common excuses out there as well as ways to overcome them.

– I’ve not got any time to go shopping for healthy food

“Firstly you need to make time for this. Think of options that would suit you best whether it be a mass shop on the weekend or day off. Alternatively you could do 2 mini shops during the week or even daily pickups. There is also the option of home delivery services with most major supermarkets”

-I don’t know what I’m doing at the gym 

“Ask for help, every gym should have level 2 qualified staff members/managers who are capable of passing on free advice to get started. Gyms should also offer inductions as well at no extra charge. Should you require more expert advice then look out for any qualified Personal Trainer. If you do struggle asking for help then there are tons of free online fitness resources via YouTube, Google, Instagram etc from fitness experts.

-The gym is too busy

“Yes I can sympathise here, there’s nothing worse then having your gym routine planned only to wait around for every machine as ‘Jonny big biceps’ is taking ages on the machine you need. Ways to get around this would be to come in at a quieter time or early morning. This option isn’t possible for everyone so an another option is to adapt your routine whereby you won’t need to use every machin in the gym. For example if your goal is fat loss/muscle toning rather than doing the leg press and then waiting for the chest press machine, you could do the leg press then by the side of the machine combine this with Pressups. This will make the workout more intense as well as decrease your total workout time. Likewise you could do the Chest press machine and combine this with dumbbell squats/bodyweight jump squats without having to vacate your machine.

– Adapting my dietary needs around my family is not possible

“This is very common and understandable as you don’t want to cause rifts in family life and not everyone would want to necessarily eat what you want. When I used to live at home, at dinner time I wasn’t a major fan of stacking up the roast potatoes and piling on the rice. Instead I cooked a bit more green veg to go with my dinner then I would then take my portion of rice next day with any left over chicken to form part of my lunch. Over the past 30 months I have experienced the struggles of food planning combined with family life. My wife especially as she predominantly cooks our son’s meals whilst trying to find suitable options for herself. Again a technique we find effective is to ensure that any evening meal we cook serves 4-6 people. This means that next day we have left overs for lunch/afternoon snacks so that whilst she cooks for our son, her leftover meal from lastnight is already prepared. It’s not uncommon for us to cook roast at least 2 chickens in a week 🙂

– The gym is not for me

“Fair point and correct the gym isn’t for everyone. It can be an intimidating and off putting environment. There are so many options out there for exercise, fitness DVD’s, online training, boot camps, trail runs/walks, bike rides. swimming and other competitive sports, all of which will help motivate you to stay fit, feel positive  and eat well. It’s making the effort to find what you enjoy rather than making up barriers for no reason.

-I need to do this job instead, its more important 

“Yes Mike this is you! I must have used this excuse so many times in the past 6 months! Specifically I am a member of a mixed martial arts gym in Medway and I haven’t attended for the past 5 months. My excuse used to be “I need to get this done before the baby comes” or “I’ll go tomorrow instead”. Then after the arrival of my daughter in June, my excuse then changed to “I’ll get this job done instead as it will save time tomorrow which will give me time to go to the MMA gym.” Tomorrow came and I didn’t go as I created another reason not to attend. It wasn’t until recent that I dug down deep and was honest with myself. The real reason why I hadn’t been attending was down to my lack of commitment and realism with regards to my training goal. I wasn’t mentally ready to commit, so rather than adjusting my goal I made up a series of excuses to accommodate my lack of commitment. Im glad to say that I’m now back at the gym weekly, however my goal is more realistic to my situation and is now manageable.”

-It’s just too hard

“Yes you’re right, whether it be exercising or making a lifestyle /dietary change, it is very hard.  If it was that easy then everyone would be doing it. Here’s a famous quote from Jim Rohn which I find motivational “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change”. It all boils down to how much you want to achieve a goal. When I had to diet for my CrossFit competitions (12 weeks) I struggled massively, however the reward of competing on the day knowing I had prepared as best as I could outweighed any struggle I had encountered prior to this day. The success I achieved came from hard work and graft and focusing on long term joy rather than short them satisfaction of slacking on my diet.

To close on this blog, another favourite quote out there that I like to use is “If you want something enough you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse”

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