2 Great Exercises To Help Up Your Running Game

Happy New Year all! I hope you’re all feeling motivated for the new year! I’m sure there are a group of you out there who are just starting up your marathon training in preperation for the upcoming season and I wish you all the best.

 If this is you or if you’re a regular runner check out these 2 exercises that can provide benefits to your performance. Both exercises involve using the cable machine at the gym however I will suggest alternatives should you not have access to such machinery.

Exercise 1 – Cable Low to High Rear Shoulder Flys

Firstly click below to see my demonstration of the exercise


Main Muscles Targetting:

Rear Shoulder, Rotator Cuff muscle group 

Exercise benefits: 

-Posture when running 

– Shoulder stability and strength 

Coaching Points 

– Ensure Cable machine is set to the bottom height on both sides with the single handle  attachment on both ends

– Place your right hand on the left handle and then left hand on the right handle

– Ensure you’re standing upright with good posture and knees slightly bent

– Start with both handles crossed over at even height just above your waist 

– Initiate the movement by externally rotating your shoulders back until your palms are facing forward

– Slowly lower each hand back to its starting position

-Engage Core during all parts of the movement

– Keep movement smooth and controlled throughout

– Start off with 3 sets of 14 reps at a really light weight, form is key


– Use dumbbells 

Cable Lunge 

Firstly click below to see my demonstration of the exercise


Main Muscles Targetting: 

– Core Muscles

– Legs

Exercise benefits: 

– Balance when running 

– Improved multi-directional movement

– Increased ankle, knee, hip, core & shoulder stability 

Coaching Points:

– Ensure Cable machine is set to chest height on one sides with the single handle  attachment on  the end 

– Stand side on to the cable machine with your hand nearest to the attachment gripping. Then place the other hand on top of your initial hand

– Take a large side step away from the cable machine and then keeping your arms locked pull the cable hand until it is out in front of you and hold it there

– Keeping the handle in front of you lunge forward with one leg (Weight through front heel and bend from back knee). Return back to the start and then lunge using the other leg

– Aim for 3-4 sets of 10 reps alternating each leg facing forward and back

-Engage Core during all parts of the movement

– Start off with a light weight and increase if neccessary. If you’re unable to keep the hand outstretched, reduce the weight.

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