I’ve achieved my goal.. What do I do now!?

The process of planning, starting, progressing and achieving a goal is physically and emotionally exhausting!

No matter what your goal is, whether it be a fat loss or performance based the sense of achievement is incredible however it can leave us feeling a little flat afterwards.

I have experienced this scenario many times in particular:

– Training for a CrossFit Competition involved completing a set of qualifying workouts 3 months prior to the finals. If I then qualified for the finals 3 months of intense training and dieting to reach my peak fitness to compete over 2 days of events. Post competition, unless I had another competition planned I would struggle to take my training seriously

– Back in 2012 I completed an 8 week strict diet program to get super lean for a trip to the USA. When I got back from holiday I found it extremely difficult to get motivate myself to start back over again

So the question is how do you push on with your lifestyle once you have achieved your goal?

– Set another goal, sounds obvious but it works! Goals keep us focused on a target and also aids motivation to not get lazy and rest on our previous success. The danger of not setting another goal is that we can often

go backwards and even end up back where we first started. For example I have seen many examples of amazing weight loss stories that a few years down the line turn into nightmares as the individual has managed to pile the weight back on and more. If your goal was originally fat loss why not change the goal to a performance based goal e.g. Sub 25 minute 5km run time

– Amend the current goal. If you want to stay focused on your current goal why make a change to it which will require you to adapt your training or lifestyle choice. If you completed a 10km race, why not look to do a half marathon?

– Train with others with similar achievements or with abilities you want to attain. Training partners are a great way to keep motivation. Training with people who have achieved similar goals makes it easy to relate to any struggles you may be going through. Training with people who you aspire to will help push that bit harder. In addition helping others that are going through the same journey you have been can be very satisfying and also a good motivating factor to keep you on point so that they can keep progressing as well.

One quote I’m a fan of is “be proud but never satisfied”. I often tell clients to be proud of what they have achieved but not to rest on their laurels. Once again to set new goals refer back to my previous blog ‘Setting
Achievable Goals’


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