5 Reasons Not To Skip Leg Day

I used to be that person…

Monday – Chest day

Tuesday – Chest day

Wednesday- Chest & Arms

Thursday – Back & Arms

Friday – Arms

Saturday & Sunday – You can guess!

Back in the day I didn’t train legs and only really did so when instructed to in a group workout format. Thankfully I changed my ways :0

Today’s blog lists 5 benefits of training legs. Let me start by saying that you don’t have to dedicate just one day for lower body. I personally train my legs 3-4 days a week however i may do deadlift one day and back squat on another day. That’s not to say that I don’t program clients specific lower body days. Training goal and training frequency are just two of may factors to be considered.

So before you head straight to the bicep curl or ab crunch stations have a quick read of these benefits which will hopefully alter your destination to the squat rack.

1) Training legs burns more calories

Yes by training your large muscle groups (legs) your body exerts more energy which leads to a larger calorific burn for that session and also post session

2) Improved functional strength

Having stronger legs allows your perform every day activities more efficiently ranging from simple tasks like walking up the stairs, lifting up your children to moving furniture and picking items up off the floor. This leads me on to my next point:

3) Reduced risk of injury and pain

Our legs carry our body everywhere and take a good daily battering. By increasing the strength and stability in your lower body you can reduce chances of injury and also common lower back issues.

4) Potential to increase testosterone levels to support growth

Testosterone is a steroid hormone produced in the body to support muscular growth as well aiding performance. There are arguments claiming that by training legs you directly increase your testosterone levels which long term helps growth in whole body. I’ve performed a fair bit of research in to this topic and there are varying views so its unfair for me to give a direct answer on this. I can only go on my experience in that I have generally seen better results when I include regular leg exercises in my routine. After a big leg session I do often feel very pumped up and more awake!

5) Improves cardiovascular performance

Here’s an insert from runners world .com

Indeed, the research supports what Haas and Gotcher have seen in practice. A studyconducted in 1988 at the University of Illinois, Chicago put runners and cyclists on a resistance-training program for 10 weeks three times per week. Not surprisingly, results showed that leg strength improved by 30 percent. What proved astounding was that, while VO2 max was not affected, quick bouts of running time improved by 13 percent and the athletes were able to ride an average of 85 minutes to exhaustion rather than the 71 minutes they could do before the training program.



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