Is Denial Affecting Your Fitness Goals?

A touchy subject for today’s blog but important none the less and shouldn’t be avoided. Being honest is an extremely important factor when it comes to seeing success with your fitness goals in particular honesty with:

  • Yourself
  • Your trainer/coach (if applicable) and
  • Friends/family

Lying or being in denial only affects your chances of achieving your goals.

let’s look at what common denials there are:

  • Not logging food correctly

Purposely not entering in accurate portions of what you ate/drank and kidding yourself that you have eaten less than you have. Other examples of this include not logging days that you are more relaxed with your diet (weekends) as “there’s no point”. These days are probably more important to log as you’ll have an increased chance to limit the damage or eat/drink less than you actually intended to. Sweeping the information under the carpet does not mean it didn’t happen.

  • How busy you really are

Are you actually too busy to prep your food or get in that quick workout? Don’t get me wrong I appreciate we all live busy lives but if your goal is important to you, you’ll explore every possibility to make time to dedicate to your fitness goals. However i do understand that sometimes there literally is no time! If you leave the house at 5am and get in after 9pm!

  • Weight loss or weight gain

More commonly we see this associated with people who in denial about their weight gain. This can shown in instances where they refuse to weigh themselves, buy larger clothes and say that their clothes have shrunk in the wash. Weight gain can happen daily through different variables including water retention, salt level as well as hormones and stress levels. However consistent weight gain is a direct result of poor lifestyle management and inability to be honest with the reality of what’s occurring

  • Inconsistencies with routine

An example of this would be committing to an initial routine knowing full well long term it is not maintainable. Ie. “I’m going to go the gym 4 times a week” however end up averaging 1-2 times which ends up causing a negative mindset of underachieving

  • Coming up with regular poor excuses

I’m too tired, I’ve had a tough day at work, I’ll go tomorrow instead, I’ve got too much to do… Sound familiar? Don’t get me wrong I’ve used every one of those excuses at least a few times so I get it! However if this is a weekly occurrence then this has to change for long term success. Those individuals that mentally overcome these weekly challenges stand a significant higher chance of success with their fitness goals. Don’t convince yourself you’re the only person who struggles, do something about it!

Now we’ve had a look at examples of denial scenarios how do we go about overcoming them??

Tips to help overcome denial

  • Be honest!

Yes very simple and straight forward but just by being honest and re assessing your goals and how realistically you can go about achieving it, you should be able to regain some momentum

  • Have positive answers set up for negative situations

By having positive responses set up for any potential negative scenarios you will have more options to overcome these barriers to success rather than accepting your fate.

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