Protein Shakes! What’s all the fuss??

Another common question I receive on the gym floor and from clients is whether or not they need to have protein shakes?

Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer to this as there are so many different variables to consider before purchasing protein power. I always recommend clients try to get their protein sources via food but there may be situations where this isn’t always possible.

Quick recap

Referring back to a previous blog ‘Protein Simplified’ here’s how we can classify protein.

In simple terms Protein is a nutrient required by the body as a source of fuel and assisting in tissue growth and repair. It’s one of the three macronutrients (in addition to carbohydrates and fat). Protein is built from amino acids formed together into chains. Our body can make some of these amino acids naturally but requires other amino acids via food sources. These are called non essential and essential amino acids accordingly.

Types of protein powder

The 2 most common types of protein powder which derives from milk are:

-Whey Protein (fast acting)

-Casein Protein (slow releasing)

There are other types of protein powders including hemp but we won’t go into too much detail on those.

Benefits of protein supplementation

– Assists muscle recovery and growth

– Boosts energy levels

– Can act as a stop gap between meals or post workout

– Aids strength and training performance

– Increases protein intake if you’re unable to achieve this through eating

Before you go rushing into the nearest shop and buy a huge tub of protein it’s very important to consider the following points

– Seek professional/medical advice first before taking any supplement

– Do you get enough protein in your diet from food?

– These products are to supplement your dietary lifestyle not act as a meal replacement

– The cheapest product isn’t always the best choice. Do your research!

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