Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is the use of science and evidence-based practices to enhance an athlete’s performance, movement qualities and robustness.

Developing an athlete’s physical and physiological performance requires focus on attributes such as:

  • Strength & muscular development
  • Power and speed
  • Aerobic & anaerobic fitness
  • Movement mechanics
  • Core strength, balance & stability
  • Agility and change of direction
  • Flexibility

As a former National level rugby player and competitive CrossFit athlete, I understand the physical and mental demands of athletic performance on all levels.

Reaching peak performance requires a personal approach, so you can realise your athletic potential.

Services on offer

  • Goal/sport-focused Strength & Conditioning sessions
  • Tailored training programmes, and yearly-scheduled plans
  • Detailed sports analysis and athlete screening
  • Performance assessments
  • Nutritional advice and follow-ups
  • Weekly progress reviews