Personal Trainer Fails

Over the past 7 years as a Personal Trainer I’ve had lots of great experiences helping clients, personal sporting achievements as well learning new skills (oh yeah and meeting my wife!). I’ve also had my fair share of gym based experiences I can now look back and laugh at! These are known as Personal Trainer Fails.

1) I’ve been training my client Joolz for over 5 years now and she is an absolute legend! I doubt she thought the same of me when we first began training. Joolz’s full name is Juliette, however for some reason for the first week I kept calling her Julie. You can imagine during the session “Come on Julie” “Great session Julie” “Awesome lifting Julie” I started to pick up vibes via semi dirty looks towards the end of 1st week’s training and bless her she said me during her 3rd session, “You do realise my name isn’t Julie!?” As you can imagine I felt slightly embarrassed to say the least!

2) The Vegas Hangover

Back in 2012 I spent 4 days in Las Vegas for my brother’s 30th Birthday celebrations and let’s just say it was an intense few days! We arrived back to U.K. on Sunday afternoon and I thought it wise to book in clients Monday morning. Monday morning comes and I turn up to the gym client warming up on the treadmill and she says “morning,  so what’s the plan for today!?” 

My mind goes blank and I genuinely can’t remember what to do. I stood there in a mad panic and had to apologise to client. I was lucky she was understanding and she told me to get a coffee and try again in 10 minutes! ?I only charged her for half the session considering this was the only time i was I co herent! Biggest hangover ever! 

3) I often use the 1.5 mile run challenge as a measure of a client’s cardiovascular fitness level. One of the most idiotic things I have ever done occurred during one of these occasions. Setting the scene, my client Ian had been working hard over the past 2 months to improve his 1.5 mile time and had seen improvements over the past 2 attempts. We were both confident that his 3rd attempt would again result in an improved time. So he starts off the challenge and half way in he’s feeling good and the time is well on track for a PB. At this time I decide to place my water bottle on the front end of the treadmill so I can make notes on his interval times, not realising the lid is still off. I was also unaware that the bottle was placed on the unbalanced part of the surface. 

As I turn to grab my note bottle from the side suddenly I hear Ian shout “Mike!!” As I turn around I can see the bottle has fallen backwards and it’s contents are now on the treadmill with ian having to abort his performance jumping off the treadmill!

Ian, being a true gent, somehow tried to make out it was his fault but there’s no way I could deny how stupid I had been! Luckily it was only his PB that suffered that day!

4) Shorts splitting routine! This fail sounds like something on a comedy show. Fairly on in my PT career, whilst demonstrating a backsquat to a new member, my then work shorts (which were a little tight around the thighs) decided to split all down the back of the seam at the bottom of a backsquat. There was no way I could smooth this one out, as that day the gym sound system was being repaired so you can imagine the sound as it happened! My saving grace was that I had a pair of cycling shorts underneath!

5) This last fail is a lesson learned in pre planning and organisation. Having overslept on my alarm I had 30 minutes to get showered, changed and make my 20 minute journey to work praying there was little traffic. As I didn’t have time for breakfast I quickly grabbed my drinks bottle filled up half with water and took a scoop of whey protein in a separate container. Typically there was a bit of congestion so I thought it’s the perfect oppurtunity to grab my protein shake. So I emptied my whey protein in my drinks bottle and screwed the lid back on. At that time the traffic started moving so I put the bottle back in the car drinks slider. When the traffic stopped again I grabbed the drinks bottle and began shaking it to mix the protein with water…..Unfortunately the lid was not screwed on properly and the whole contents went down the front of my PT shirt and shorts! So I rocked up late and with a protein stained uniform!#fail

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