Bad habits that could harm your success

Motivation gets you started, long term habits maintains momentum towards your exercise and lifestyle goals.

Breaking old habits is often the biggest challenge faced by individuals when trying to make a change or achieve their fitness based goals. Today’s blog will look at common habits that I come across, which can prove to game changers!

Poor sleeping patterns

Referring back to a previous blog “Don’t lose…Just snooze” I spoke about the importance of a consistent and regular sleep pattern. To quote

“If we get poor levels of sleep, it can lead to the following occurring:

– Immune system dropping to low levels

– Weight gain and water retention

– Increased stress levels

– Decrease in mental and physical performance

– Muscle breakdown

Benefits of getting adequate amounts of sleep include:

– Better moods

– Increases physical and mental performance

– Improves physical recovery

– Better weight management

– Decreases risks of heart disease/Diabetes

In conclusion do not underestimate the benefits of a good consistent sleep patterns,”

Stress eating

A touchy subject and a tough habit to kick. However when you break it down stress eating provides you with no benefits whatsoever. Yes for the split second you may get that release of feel good hormones (e.g. dopamine) howecer you’re only left with that feeling of unhappiness and guilt afterwards which can lead you to further binge eat. Long term you sabotage your goals further and feel worse off than before.

Surrounded by negative people

If you keep company with persistent negative individuals or those that are quick to put you down, this will likely have a detrimental effect on your training!

Even if you’re making great progress and hitting your goals there is always someone waiting to throw in a negative comment rather than encourage you! I’m not saying people can’t moan however positivity breeds more positivity!

Weekend binging

Let’s be honest we’ve all used the mentality “ive been good Monday to Friday” so i’ll treat myself at the weekend. This would normally involve a free for all and binge out on fast food, booze or sugary snacks!

Unfortunately our body doesn’t treat the weekend differently to a week day. This approach to eating tends not to work long term as it leads to poor eating habits as well negative food associations (treating food as good or bad). Weight gain is also associated with this style of eating as people generally over consume their recommended weekly calorie allowances as a result of weekend binging.

Lack of movement

Get moving! I genuinely believe that being lazy has a massive impact on how successful your training goals are. Clearly if you have a performance related goal then being active is an essential part of achieving it.

Being active doesn’t mean joining a gym or having to go out running every day. Simple things such as walking 10,000 steps a day can benefit your energy levels, increase calorific burn and encourage you to make better choices with food whilst remaining more mobile long term.

Poor Accountability

Not being accountable for your actions is very common habit you see with people who are struggling for success with their fitness goals.

Examples of this would be a fat loss based individual not taking any measurements or photos as a progress tracker.

Other examples could be a strength athlete not recording weight lifted and assuming they’re getting fitter and stronger without any data based evidence.

Committing to some form of accountability gives individuals a greater chance of staying on track and succeeding compared to relying on motivation to keep them going.

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