Mike’s Mid Week Blog- When is the right time to exercise?

I really enjoyed reflecting on my experience as well researching additional sources for this week’s blog.

In many cases due to work and life commitments this time for when we exercise is often taken out of our hands. 

If you’re in a position of when to choose then it’s important to consider the variables involved when deciding on what time is best to exercise. 

Training in the Morning 

I have found many positives effects of training in the morning. Testosterone has been shown to be the highest levels in the morning. This hormone is key for muscle building and energy levels. Starting the day with exercise can also help start the day off in a positive way with the release of endorphins(feel good hormones) post workout. As with the gym i’m based at, the morning isn’t the busiest time. This in turn will allow you to complete your workout efficiently without the stress of having to wait for equipment or lack of space to train. I have found by completing my exercise regime early morning I can then focus on the rest of the day and not worry about having to rely on a smooth running schedule to allow time to train later on. With limited calories in your body from sleep, incorporating a protein based pre workout meal in the morning can help with fat loss without muscle breakdown if you’re looking to do cardiovascular work. If you’re workouts are high intensity or weight training based, it would be recommended to have some form of carbohydrate based pre workout so that your body can draw on the energy it requires faster to maintain performance.

Training in the afternoon

Midday is generally a busy time for for me as I have a few clients I regularly train during their lunch hour to help relieve the morning work stress and also a ‘pick me up’ for their afternoon schedule. Research has shown that our pain threshold is greater in the afternoon, therefore allowing us to making potential performance gains. With the additional calories of breakfast, mid morning and lunch time this can also aid our energy levels especially when weight training or with High intensity activity. The other side of the coin is that sometimes there is that tendency to suffer from the mid afternoon drop of energy levels, but that can be controlled by a sensible diet, sleep and hydration levels.

Training in the evening 

Normally the busiest time in the gym.  Benefits of training in the evening is that our flexibility is at its best from our everyday activity. Again we should have sufficiently fuelled ourself for the evening training session with the calories from all our meals up to then.  

On the flip side you may be mentally and physically tired from the day so that can affect performance. Being peak time in the gym you may be limited to machinery or face long waiting times. Ensuring you have appropriate nutritional recovery post evening workouts is key as you risk your body being depleted overnight.

As mentioned earlier in the majority of cases your work, family and social life will dictate when you can exercise, if you have choice I would always recommend you train whenever you feel best and stress levels are low.

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