Mike’s Mid Week Blog- Fat Loss! Will my body type influence my goals?

We all have that friend who can eat what they want and not put on weight! We all know that person who only has to look at a dumbbell and they can get a 6 pack!On the flip side you may be that person who has always struggled with weight management. Or is your weight constantly fluctuating up and down between a few kilos? It’s likely that we can categorise ourselves or fall in between one of the above descriptions. 

As with any health and fitness goal there are many influencing factors. In relation to fat loss you have to consider age, gender as well every day activity levels.  It is also important to recognise how your genetic body type will affect your fat loss approach. Today’s feature picture is a throwback to me and my ‘BIG’ brother and you can see that even at that age that there is a clear difference in our body types. To this day that same height and shape difference is still apparent!

There are 3 general body types we can associate ourselves with. These body types are Ectomorphic, Mesomorphic and Endomorphic.


This body type relates to that friend who can eat and drink what they want and appear to remain lean/skinny. Genetically these people generally have smaller bone structures, fast metabolisms, struggle to put on mass and find it easy to drop weight/fat. An example of this type of body type would be a long distance runner (Paula Radcliffe).


This body type relates to an individual that can gain muscle mass or lose fat relatively easily. They tend to have a medium sized bone structure, athletic looking figure and good muscle mass. An example of this body type would be ex England rugby player Jonny Wilkinson.


An endormorph is an individual with a large bone structure, bigger build and a slower metabolism. Their body type tends to lead to increased mass levels of both muscular and fat. Using Rugby again as an example think of the props (guys at the front of the scrum).

Due to the different speeds of metabolisms between the 3 types, different approaches to everyday eating are recommended. It’s also important to take into account your health, fitness or performance goal when looking to balance your food also in addition to calorie requirement. We can’t hide from the fact that no matter what body type you have genetically, poor eating habits will result in fat gains (internally or externally). 

Ectomorphic – Will require a greater percentage of carbohydrates in their diet, moderate levels of protein and lower levels of fats. Generally reducing carbohydrates  and increasing fats can lead to fat loss

Mesomorphic – Will benefit from a fairly even distribution of carbohydrates, protein and fats as an everyday lifestyle. Increased carbohydrates can result in mass gains, reduced carbohydrates can assist fat loss as long as the fats are increased and protein levels are at required target.

Endomorphic – Individuals in this category would advisable to have carbohydrates on the lower end of the scale with moderate protein levels and higher fat percentages which would benefit fat loss as well as more stable blood sugar levels. 

If you’re unsure as to what approach, if any, would suit your goals always seek advice from a health professional.

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