Feeling The Love?

Today’s short blog is a Valentine’s themed topic and covers a wide range of heart related fitness information with some serious and not too serious bits.

So where do I start? Well as Valentine’s Day is generally associated with the celebration of romance here’s a quick 5 minute workout that will certainly get your heart racing. I often use this as a warm up for my
own personal workout sessions.

This can be performed on the rower, cross trainer, bike or if you wanted to run this can be completed outside on a large field. In this example I will use the rower.

Minute 1 – 50 seconds slow pace then 10 seconds at your maximum pace

Minute 2 – 40 seconds slow pace then 20 seconds at your maximum pace

Minute 3 – 30 seconds slow pace then 30 seconds at your maximum pace

Minute 4 – 20 seconds slow pace then 40 seconds at your maximum pace

Minute 5 – 10 seconds slow pace then 50 seconds at your maximum pace

As you can see there is no break as the slow pace will act as your recovery period. I always record my total distance achieved in this workout so I have something to aim for each time. Give it a go!

Staying with the topic of the heart, lets look at how we can support a healthy heart.
According to the NHS “Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the UK’s
biggest killer, causing around 73,000 deaths every year.”

“Coronary heart
disease (CHD) happens when the blood supply to your heart muscle is
reduced because the arteries taking blood to your heart become narrow
or get blocked. This is caused by a gradual build-up of porridge-like
fatty deposits inside your arteries.”

Lifestyle related issues that place you at a greater risk of CHD include smoking, poor weight management and inactivity. So in simple terms avoid smoking, move more and be aware of what you’re eating. I’m not saying cut out all fatty and sugary foods, trust me there’s no way that I could do that! I enjoy my food too much! However ensure you have enough fibre each day and aim to avoid sugary and fatty food binges which can lead to consistent weight gain. Feel free to check out my previous blogs which cover topics ranging from fat loss to other nutritional and exercise based topics which all relate to today’s blog.

To finish off this blog lets look at food! Using stereotypical aphrodisiac foods I put together a Valentine’s special menu (Just a bit of fun!) however don’t hold me to these so called facts!

Starter: Grilled Asparagus tips wrapped in Parma Ham

Asparagus contains good levels of Vitamins E and B to aid in energy yielding.

Portion: 6 asparagus spears grilled + 2 Slices of Parma Ham

Calories : 100
(Including olive oil spray)

Main: Sirloin Steak with Steam Green Veg and Mushroom sauce

Steak gives you a great hit of protein which can increase your dopamine levels, the hormone responsible for reward like behaviour and making you feel good. Mushroooms are shown to contain decent levels of zinc which can also aid in increasing testosterone levels.

Portion: 4oz Sirloin steak grilled, 1 serving green veg, 2oz mushroom sauce

Calories : 371

Desert: Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate

Shaped like a heart it’s gotta be good for you right!? Loaded with good levels of Vitamin C strawberries assist in healthy blood flow.

It’s fair to say the better the percentage and quality of the dark chocolate, the greater the potential health benefits there are. A good quality dark chocolate will contain less processed sugar (which can be an energy killer when those blood sugar levels dip!).

It can be argued that serotonin levels (feel good hormone) are boosted by dark chocolate, in addition to antioxidants (used to remove damaging free radicals from the body).

Portion: 3 Dark
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Calories : 195

Total Meal Calories: 545

Total Protein: 39 grams




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