• Sessions are for ages 13-16
  • Refunds are not available on any purchases unless sessions are cancelled by Mike Melford
  • If you have not previously completed a pre-exercise questionnaire for your child, please do so prior to the start of the sessions by clicking here
  • On arrival please enter your car registration into the touchpad at reception to issue you a parking permit for that day
  • It is advisable that your child is adequately hydrated and fuelled for the sessions
  • For additional queries please email info@mikemelford.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

1) “If I pre book a block of sessions for the 4.30pm class start, can I move one or more of these sessions to the 5:15pm start?”

Subject to availability changes to booking start times can be made if you give notice of 24 hours or more prior to the start of the requested session(s)

2) “If I book individual sessions rather than as a block can I move any of these individual bookings to a future date?”

Subject to availability once individual classes are booked you are able to move these sessions to earlier or later start times on that day only. Individual sessions, however, cannot be moved to other days.

3) “If my child arrives early for the either of the classes can they come into the hall and warmup?”

There typically should be enough space in the hall for your child to warmup, please note this can change from week to week.

4) “Are the class formats different?”

The classes will run in exactly the same format. The only difference between the classes is that the 4:30pm session will typically have 2 coaches and the 5:30pm will be coached by just me.

5) “What are the maximum numbers for each class?”

4:30pm – 5:30pm Class will hold a maximum capacity of 14 children
5:15pm – 6.00pm Class will hold a maximum capacity of 7 children

6) “Can my child attend both sessions?”

Yes, although their programme will be modified for the 2nd session